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Available Grocery Benefits

This valuable grocery benefit program provides users with access to the largest and most diverse package of individual grocery related savings benefits that have been bundled together into this one, comprehensive grocery discount program.


The following benefit & savings opportunities are available through the Online Grocery Coupon Fulfillment Area located within this website and will allow users to save money on grocery coupons and much more.

Additional Benefit Information:

Cellular Phone Discounts and Savings Special Offer
Take advantage of the best free phone offers available to users that can provide savings of up to $200 on the most popular phones that normally cost additional money, while also savings money on plans, and exclusively for our users, also get a $50 visa card for each and every approved phone order. In addition, choose from all major phone carriers, not just one.


Save Money & Earn A Free Visa Card When Purchasing Ink & Toner
Most users have at least one printer that needs expensive toner. Why pay full price again? Through this valuable benefit, users will be able to save $100’s per year, while also earning a valuable $25 visa card as an additional bonus gift.


Save Money On Your Next Trip To The Spa
Save big when planning your next trip to the spa, or when shopping for that perfect gift that will bring relaxation to your lucky recipients by saving money on all your SpaFinder booked visits throughout the country.


Never Pay Full Price For a New Computer
Enjoy exclusive pricing for our users on your next purchase of a computer or other related accessories from Lenovo, a leading computer brand that provides the very best quality and the broadest selection to fit almost any budget.


Save Money When Shopping & Saving Money At Groupon
Take advantage of additional discounts and special savings when shopping at Groupon where you can take advantage of the very best deals and offers from local merchants.


Save 20% Off At FTD
Enjoy a 20% discount on all your flower purchases from the leader, FTD. Think about everyone you know and all the occasions where a dozen roses or other flower purchase would be a great idea. Now factor in the exclusive discount of 20% off.


Save Huge On The Purchase of Men’s & Women’s Fragrances
Take advantage of the lowest prices on most major brand perfumes and colognes that will result in savings of up to 40% off comparable items at your local mall. Then, you can save an additional 15% off using the exclusive benefit that is available to our users.


Save 20% When Shopping At Lobstergram
Enjoy the largest discount available to users when having the very best Lobster and other dining delicacies delivered straight to your door.


Save 20% Off On Amazing Club Purchases
Take advantage of a huge discount available to users when purchasing the most incredible gift you can possibly find for your lucky recipients, specialty product clubs from Amazing Clubs that include, Fruit of the Month, Cheese of the Month and much more.


Print at Home Coupons
The Print-At-Home Coupon sections allow you to view and print grocery coupons online from your home, office or any computer with the ability to print. Saving money has never been this simple. We feature multiple different "Print at Home" coupon sections that offer tremendous saving opportunities that are updated on a regular basis. Select the coupons you want... it is that easy. Individual manufacturer restrictions may apply. There are over $700.00 in Grocery Coupons available at any one time and you may print all of them. Do this every time the inventory of available grocery coupons is updated and changed, and you could be printing $1,000s in grocery coupons at no cost to you for immediate savings at your local grocery stores.


Coupons by Mail Grocery Clipping Service
Within the Online Grocery Coupon Fulfillment Area you have the opportunity to redeem this included benefit, a $500 Grocery Coupon Certificate that enables you to choose the Grocery Coupons that you want, mailed directly to you, basically our "Coupons By Mail" grocery benefit. You will be able to choose the coupons that you want from our huge selection and have them mailed to you at no additional cost. No gimmicks! You don't even have to pay the postage! Upon redemption of this unique and popular grocery program, you will be sent a $500 Grocery Coupon Certificate that will allow you to access separate online fulfillment website to choose grocery coupons, in increments of $25, that you would like sent to you by U.S. Mail. The ultimate Grocery Coupon Clipping service, now available and included at no cost.


Special Grocery Coupon Offers
Discover a tremendous selection of available special offers including: free items, special rebates, discount offers from leading merchants and national chains, unique email club offers and other exciting saving opportunities...all listed conveniently by category and state.


Great Savings Opportunities On Candy, Spices And Items For Your Kitchen
Take advantage of additional grocery related benefits and savings opportunities that will allow users to save money when purchasing many popular products for your kitchen and home. Save on candy, pots and pans, spices, gourmet pantry items and more.


Up To $500 In Free Vitamins & Supplements
Receive up to $500 in free vitamins and supplements when you redeem this tremendously valuable benefit. Choose from a wide selection of available vitamins and supplements from our chosen provider. If you currently purchase vitamins or have considered purchasing vitamins, then this is a great way to save money. Included with this benefit are total of twenty $25 Savings Certificates that can be used when making a minimum purchase of
$50 or more.


Get $100 In Free Dining Delicacies From Omaha Steaks
Save up to $100 on your favorite dining delicacies that are delivered straight to your home or office from Omaha Steaks. Choose your appetizers, side dishes, main courses and more, from filet mignon to lobster, saving money on the items you want for yourself or as the perfect gift when you use the available $100 Voucher Certificate to get up to $100 in FREE Omaha Steak's Gift Certificates.


Bonus Savings Offers From Leading Merchants
Save money on popular products form leading merchants and other providers with valuable bonus offers, discount opportunities and special savings coupons. You could easily save $100s with this additional savings opportunity that offers a variety of online discount offers that are updated on a regular basis. You will be surprised at the extent of savings you will be able to take advantage of on products and services you may already be purchasing.


Grocery Store Gift Card Discounts
This is a great way to save even more money when shopping for groceries. Through this very exciting and valuable benefit, users will be able to order gift cards from select regional and national chain supermarkets at huge discounts. This will allow you to save up to 10% on your grocery purchases and that is in addition to any coupons or other discounts you may be able to use to save money. This benefit is so popular and easy to use, that members can easily reach the year limit of $1,000 in savings. Why pay full price again when shopping where you want, and for your favorite groceries for the entire family!


Pharmacy Discount Prescription Program
This is a great way to save money on all of your prescriptions for the entire family. Save up to 40% off or more at over 40,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can save.

Return weekly or monthly to the Online Grocery Coupon Fulfillment Area to get the very latest grocery coupons so you can save the most money possible.